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Welcome to the free Google SketchUp video tutorials. We have setup Google SketchUp tutorial videos for you and new videos are being added to update this videoblog. So don't forget to bookmark this site & revisit to watch the new contents.

Google SketchUp is an amazing & powerful free 3D modelling software, which allows you to easily design & create cool 3D models. Even if you are a complete novice, Google SketchUp video tutorials here allows you get started quickly because the video tutorials cover all basics of Google SketchUp. These includes updated intermediate and advanced techniques to make your 3D models look professional.

Also included are tutorial videos on how to easily create realistic 3D models for Google Earth and how to utilize Layout, one of the unique and powerful addition to SketchUp. Get started by watching the introductory video or just click on the links at the right side to view all the Google SketchUp tutorial videos available.

This videoblog is created to help SketchUp beginners learn SketchUp fast & easy by referring to the SketchUp video tutorials listed here.

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How To Create A Spiral Staircase in Google SketchUp

This clip shows how you can create a simple spiral staircase fast with Google Sketchup.

How To Create A Staircase in Google SketchUp

This video shows how to draw a simple staircase with Google Sketchup.

How to Draw a House with Google SketchUp

This video shows the basic way on how to draw a simple house with Google Sketchup.

How To Create A Cabinet in Google SketchUp

This video shows how to create an Entertainment Cabinet with Google Sketchup. The power of components is emphasized in this tutorial. The handiness of arrays are shown also. The divide option is also demonstrated.

How To Draw a Roof in Google SketchUp

This clips shows one of the basic ways to draw a roof with Google SketchUp.